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Make Your Voice Heard

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Politics. Wow, talk about a touchy subject these days! With the Election drawing closer, you may be feeling less sure and more confused than ever. Politics is everywhere and regardless of your opinions on our leadership, we can all probably agree that things desperately need to change. But how? We are so fortunate in America to have a government that is 'For the People, By the People'. That means, we hold the power and we get to vote for or against the issues at hand. These days, though, the issues seem to be very convoluted and everyone's opinion is stated as though they hold the highest truth. As children, we are raised with the beliefs of our family, which may be linked in part, to race, religion, or culture. As adults, our understanding shifts and we need to make decisions now that may be in conflict with the teachings of our childhood.

In the past, Campaigning and Political Conventions were a way to get to know the candidates, learn more about them, their positions and beliefs. What their vision for our country's future was and how they would lead us to that vision. They would deliver their message in a dignified manner, worthy of the position they sought. These days, it seems politics has become a non-stop assault campaign filled with slander and hate, slurs and blatant lies. Why are they lowering themselves to reality show-like mindless banter? Do they think they can no longer hold our attention unless they are 'performing'?

I would prefer to hear what they stand for. What are they doing to make our country the best it can be? How are they uplifting the people they preside over? Anyone in a leadership position should be working for the advancement of the people who gave them this honor.

to make change, we must listen carefully to each candidate, to what they are or are not saying. It is our responsibility to do the research. Push aside the misinformation and see what they have or haven't done. Promises they've made, kept or broken. See if their past actions and current promises align. Find their achievements and what they've done to make your city, state, or country a better place to live. Discover what they truly stand for and challenge them to be better than their opposition.

Then, look at your beliefs and ask yourself, are these MY beliefs? Are you leaning to one side or the other because that's the way your family has always done it? Is your decision based on what your friends or the media is saying? Will you choose to follow, or will you do the research and make your own decision?

The beautiful thing is, beliefs that no longer benefit you can easily be changed. If you want to make your true voice heard, then contact me and discover how easy it can actually be.

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