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My Ultimate Secret to Finding Happiness and Being Me

I've spent much of my lifetime searching but I didn't know what I was looking for. I just knew I felt empty and lost. I wound through an arduous path of self-medicating, self-help, and therapists, trying to get 'fixed'. I didn't understand I wasn't broken; I was attempting to cope with trauma, negative messages, and programs I had been taught since childhood. Programs and messages I didn't even know were there. Negative programs of self-doubt, self-esteem, self-worth. I knew I was faking my way through life. Going through the motions. Life wasn't meant to be lived this way. I wanted to feel the joy, and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why I didn't.

Then came a day when I knew I had to make a change. I had enough. I didn't want to fake it anymore. The insecurities that kept me home, the depression that kept me alone, those programs reminding me I wasn't good enough. I was done with it. I wanted more. I wanted to feel alive, I wanted to be an active participant and not a by-stander in my own life.

When I decided again to seek help, I knew this time had to be different. I felt like it was my last shot. I needed to take a long, hard look at what I was creating in my own life. I had to face the demons. I needed to understand where they came from, why there were still affecting my life. Why I was allowing it to happen. It was time to take care of myself. But first, I had to learn that it was okay to take care of me.

The searching continued. I went through a few therapists, and I was let to one that would profoundly change my life. With her help, patience, and guidance, I was able to begin looking at the past that had detrimentally impacted my life. I was able to begin healing and overcome the negative programming. I was able to find myself.

As I was healing, I began my spiritual journey and found what was missing. A connection to God, the Creator of All That Is. It wasn't a specific religion I needed but the connection to, the knowledge of Him. I didn't know He was what I had been searching for. I didn't realize He had always been there, patiently waiting for me. He filled the emptiness, with Him, I no longer felt lost. For me, it was an abundance of joy I had never felt before. I felt whole. I continued my healing journey with the knowledge that He would guide me.

I became a Healer because I want everyone to know they don't have to suffer. I want everyone to know they are not defined by what happened to them in the past. I want everyone to know that if you want to make a change, if you want to overcome, it's possible, help is here. I want to help you heal and discover your truest self. I want to help break those negative programs and patterns and uncover your path to abundant joy and peace.

I'm further along on my journey than I ever thought possible. Occasionally, those pesky self-doubt monsters still try to knock me down. But, as a result of my healing work, and my connection with Creator, I can shake my head and say, "Oh no you don't!". I have confidence I never had before and I know I can handle what comes at me with patience, grace, and guidance from Creator.

I plan to continue healing and learning. I have no clue how many steps I've taken, but I'll keep going, one at a time. This is my path, I'm on it for a reason and I embrace it. The answers come with every step of growth. I'm grateful for all of it because without everything that happened, I wouldn't have been led to where I am today. A place where I am content, joyful, and blessed to be me. A place where I can help others, help you, find that same peace and happiness.

I can help you take the first step of your journey and all the steps necessary until you can walk your path with confidence and joy. Where you can be blessed to be you.

Will you join me?

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