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Benefits of Healing

Depression and Anxiety

Negative thoughts and emotions can become a habit, a way of living without even realizing we are keeping ourselves sheltered from other emotions we might find painful or intimidating.  Sheltering serves a purpose but it also can cause depression and anxiety as a result of pushing or locking away those troubling feelings.  Recognizing how your life is adversely affected by the negative and/or limiting beliefs can be challenging.  With compassion and understanding, I will help you get to the bottom beliefs.  The negativity will be released and replaced with positive, encouraging, and loving beliefs and thought patterns helping you to become 'unstuck' and find your true self.


Trauma comes in many forms and can be the most difficult to resolve. The benefit of the techniques I use is that you do not need to share any painful details. We can release you from the shock and trauma you've experienced and begin to heal in a gentle way. With kindness and compassion, I will guide you and find the most effective plan to help you overcome and transition into the person you are meant to be.

Pain Management

If you are experiencing pain due to an injury, chronic pain, post-surgical or other pain, relief can be easily achieved with Energy Healing. Alone, or paired with an emotional release, Energy Healing can produce amazing results. Depending upon the severity and origin of the pain, many of my clients experience a notable reduction of pain to completely pain free in one or two sessions. Accelerated healing is an additional benefit.


Fears can be devastating and interfere within our daily lives. Fears such as heights, flying in airplanes, claustrophobia, insects, darkness, etc., are common and can keep us from experiencing some of the best things in life. By exploring and finding the root of a fear, it can easily be released and resolved forever. The anxiety attached to that fear will also be released. You will be free to courageously move forward and live a fearless life. 

Children and Young Adults

Our young people are faced with many challenging situations daily. While some are common, like peer-pressure, bullying, or lack of self-confidence, we have new issues such as virtual schooling, lack of sports and other activities that our children can no longer enjoy. These beautiful outlets for creativity, excess energy, general learning and socializing are missing and leaving our youth confused and unhappy. Fears, anxiety and depression are becoming prevalent among our precious children. Using the same techniques as described above, I can help your child understand and release these unhealthy emotions and bring them the carefree happiness and joy they deserve.


Anyone who has owned a pet knows they have the capability to feel emotions. Our fur babies burrow into our hearts and give us so much love and joy. But sometimes, our best friend can experience fear or anxiety as much as we do. Does your pup cower and shiver at thunder and rain? Is he or she showing separation anxiety when you leave your home? Do they experience illness when you aren't feeling well? Is your new friend having difficulties adjusting to their new environment? It is possible for me to help your pet release their fears and to know they are not required to suffer when you are sick.  They will have a more peaceful and happy life and when they feel better, you will too! 

Love Yourself
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Image by Duy Pham

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThetaHealing(r)?

Simply, ThetaHealing(r) is an easy method to change limiting beliefs, release fears, accelerate healing and relieve pain. ThetaHealing(r) returns your power to you. Your power to make your own choices and create the life you want and deserve. ThetaHealing(r) connects you to your subconscious and aligns your mind, body, and spirit. With ThetaHealing(r), there is no limit to what can be healing and released.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is the channeling of healing energy into your body bringing your energy fields into balance and improving the health and wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. Energy healing is extremely helpful with pain relief and the healing of injuries.

What is a limiting belief?

Limiting beliefs are any beliefs you have that are negatively impacting your life. They are created from unhealthy messages in our environment that we hear or are taught.  They can even be inherited from your ancestors.

How can it help me?

With ThetaHealing(r), you can resolve emotional struggles, release trauma and heal from its effects, heal physical pain, learn to recognize and remove self-sabotage or other unhelpful patterns. By removing and releasing the negative beliefs attached to the issue and replacing them with positive and empowering ones, you find peace and full happiness.

With Energy Healing, you are bringing everything into balance and alignment. Energy Healing removes the blocks within allowing your energy to flow freely as intended. 

How does it work?

During a session, we explore the beliefs that you wish to release or resolve. You're then guided into the Theta brainwave state to a connection with The Creator of All That Is. It is through this connection that the releasing and healing takes place.

What if I don't life in South Florida?

Thetahealing(r) and Energy Healing are not limited by space and time, therefore, healings are just as effective when done via zoom or another face to face meeting app. QHHT sessions must be done in person.

How do I choose ThetaHealing(r) or Energy Healing? 

Choosing is not necessary. During your session, I will be guided to use what is best for your specific issue. Often, I bring in both simultaneously to give you the highest and best results possible.

Do I need to be religious?

While ThetaHealing(r) does utilize and cultivate a connection with Creator, God, Universe, it is not a religion and embraces all people. It is a meditative and spiritual philosophy for the mind, body, and spirit.  ThetaHealing(r) promotes alignment within yourself and the Universe.

Is it safe?

Both ThetaHealing(r) and Energy Healing are a very safe practice. Everything is done with your permission and the unconditional love of the Creator. Nothing can be changed without your consent and I will request your verbal agreement with each belief change. I provide a compassionate, safe and secure space so you can feel comfortable and free from judgement.

How long does it take?

The number of sessions varies from person to person. Depending upon the complexity surrounding the issue, several sessions may be recommended.

Should I stop taking my medication?

No, you should never stop any medications without seeking advice from your professional medical provider. ThetaHealing(r) and Energy Healing are meant to supplement the care you are receiving from your doctors. The benefits of ThetaHealing and Energy Healing are numerous and many people are able to wean off their medications but this should never be done without the guidance and supervision of your professional medical provider.

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