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Meet Denise

My journey began several years ago when traditional therapy wasn't serving me completely.  I yearned for a spiritual connection and that lead me to Reiki, ThetaHealing(R), and other healing modalities.  By joining them together, I was able to nurture my spiritual beliefs and enhance my therapy experience while working to heal my own significant trauma.  I was able to change and grow in ways I had never thought possible.  In learning to overcome and leave the past behind, I'm no longer existing, I am living.  I am free from the thoughts and habits that held me back and very excited to have discovered my passion in helping others.  It is my belief, that by bringing this incredible gift to others, by helping individuals heal and raise their vibrations, we can ultimately heal the Earth.

I am a wife,  mom, and empty-nester having recently sent my youngest off to college.  I love baseball, reading, music, crafting, and the occasional workout.  Now that my children are grown, my goal is to continue learning and helping others to heal.

I have become a Certified ThetaHealing(R) Practitioner, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and a Reiki Okuden, in which I employ a Connection with God, The Creator of All That Is, Source, Universe to facilitate an amazing healing experience for those who are open to receiving.


My chihuahua, Lemon, has been scared of every loud noise, especially storms and strangers. We have tried Canna Chews, Xanax, and a vest. Nothing has worked until Denise did a healing on her. Storm ETA hit us but it never fazed Lemon. She had no shakes, anxiety, or the need to be held for the duration of the storm. She no longer barks at the children's new friends or experiences anxiety. I truly believe Denise has helped Lemon face her fears and has given her calmness.

Mauren M. ~ Cooper City


Certified Thetahealing(r) Practitioner

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA

Digging Deeper

You and The Creator

You and Your Inner Circle

Intuitive Anatomy

World Relations

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Reiki Practitioner 

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