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The Unexpected Benefits of Covid-19 Lockdown

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

You're thinking I'm crazy. What possible benefits could come from a pandemic? Recently, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I had a lot of extra time. More than I really knew what to do with. My children are grown and didn't need constant attention. My work-from-home was not overly demanding. Like so many others, I began to realize what really mattered in my life and it wasn't the latest iphone. I worked with my husband, systematically going through each room of our home, and pulling out items no longer needed for donation and reorganizing the rest. I printed pictures and put them in frames I had purchased so long ago, I couldn't remember when or where I got them. I had time to exercise, read, and work on some projects. I had conversations with my husband, children and friends. We didn't just talk AT each other, we conversed. Sadly, I realized that life had been so "busy" for so long, our communication had been reduced to exchanging necessary information and complaining about what we didn't have time to do. That made me wonder, is that really a fact of life or

just a belief I had taken on? Did we really not have time to do it or were we so wrapped up in our electronics and other distractions that we wasted those moments? Sure, there are crazy days where you fall into bed and aren't sure how you made it through but that isn't every day. Even when my kids were small, that wasn't every day. I didn't want to go back to that once I returned to work so I made the conscious decision to make the changes that are important to me. No, I don't always find the time to work, cook, exercise and meditate everyday and that's okay. I get in what I can and don't beat myself up about the rest. I make sure I'm prioritizing. For me, that's less screen time, more meditating, more reading and learning, more connecting with people I love in the best ways I can. I can't help others make positive changes in their lives if I'm not committed to making them in mine. It is NOT a fact of life that we are too busy. We are what we create. And I've started to create the peaceful, happy life I want. I've started with me. So tell me, what benefits did you receive from Covid-19 lockdown? How can you incorporated them in to your daily routine and create the life you want to live? Start with you. If you need a little help, reach out and book a session. We'll figure it out together.

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