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Resolutions again?

New Year, new rules, new you! A new year's resolution is almost a mandatory part of welcoming the New Year. It makes sense, to make a change with the clean slate of the new year. Did you make a resolution this year? More than one? Are you still committed to it?

There's more involved in making a resolution than just speaking the words. Essentially, you're promising yourself that you will work to change a habit or achieve a goal. It's important to create healthy habits, set and reach goals but unless you take the time to seriously consider the steps or actions you are willing to take to achieve this goal, you cannot succeed. Additionally, you need to be able to trust yourself, believe that you can do it, and not give up.

Think of this as a business prospect. Would you pitch an idea to a CEO or board of executives of a company without thorough thought, research and preparation? I know you're thinking, jeez, I just want to (lose weight, quit smoking, save money, etc...). Have you resolved to do this before? How many times? Do you wonder why it's not working year after year?

Success requires careful planning followed by deliberate actions. If you don't plan what you will eat all week, you will surely grab fast food on the way home. If you don't plan how to handle stress, you'll be lighting up that cigarette without thinking. When you don't think through all the possibilities and plan for them, your mind and body will fall back into the habits you have committed to break.

If you have difficulty believing you can achieve all you dream of, if you break promises and can't trust yourself, if figuring this all out seems overwhelming, don't despair. My Fast Track to Freedom Program breaks down the steps for you. You will learn about self-sabotage, self-doubt, the power of your words and thoughts. You will be given the processes and tools required to leave the negative behind and bring in new, positive thinking and belief patterns. Learn to trust and believe in yourself. Learn to set your goals and plan to make them happen. Discover you can do more than just speak the words.

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