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Our World is Hurting and You Can Help!

It has been nearly a year now since we all began the quarantine to reduce the spread of Covid-19. It's been a long, difficult year for everyone. We've been alone, isolated from friends and family, schools were closed, children couldn't attend extra-curricular activities, adults couldn't go to work, we weren't able to visit loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes. No one could go to dinner, a movie, even the beach. People lost family, friends and jobs. Everyone is experiencing feelings of fear, loss and frustration, just to name a few. Nothing about this has been easy for anyone.

Right now, stress levels are topping out. Subconscious beliefs are being triggered and causing feelings of anger, annoyance, fear, rage, sadness, etc. The emotions have build up and are bursting forth at whoever happens to get in the way. Now, embarrassment, shame, regret, etc., are piled on and the target is upset, hurt and confused and in turn, may take it out on the next person. Where does it end?

What if you could help? What if there was something every individual could do to help? What if you could help yourself, your family, and the entire world?

Everyone has negative beliefs and these beliefs hold a low vibrational level. The energy is heavy and weighs you down. With all we have been through, we're all walking around in this low vibration, basically feeding off each other. We must change the way we cope with everything and learn to handle it with the grace and dignity we have been blessed with by our Creator.

What if it was easy? What if by simply changing your beliefs, one by one we could all help heal the world? When making the choice to change, anything and everything is possible, even healing the world!

It is so easy! In making the decision and working to release and heal your own negative beliefs, you raise your vibration. As you heal and raise your vibration, you become lighter, happier. You experience more love, clarity, peace and joy. When you are living in this higher vibration, you will respond to everything with love and compassion. As each person begins to release the beliefs that trigger them, as each person heals all these negative emotions, their vibration will rise and, like a stone tossed into still water, it will create a ripple effect across their friends and family, across their city and state. As the collective vibration goes up, not only are we healing ourselves and others, we are healing the actual Earth, the planet that sustains us, our true home.

Would you make a change? Can you take that first step and then another? When you've healed something, would you encourage someone else to do it too? Would you tell them just how easy it is?

Our world is hurting. Every person is hurting. We need to come together. You can help and it's easy.

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