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Let's Unite Our World

Are you unsure and out of balance? Are you afraid? Are you struggling with things you've never experienced before? I've had many of these feelings, and more, for a while now. Our world has become so complicated. If we thought life was hard before, there's just no way to describe it now. People are confused, hurt, angry. Conflicting information, thoughts, and beliefs have people choosing sides and fighting each other on every subject imaginable. Why? What's right? What's wrong? How do we know? And to whom do we look for the answers?

God. The Creator of All That Is. It's that simple. We must open our hearts and allow ourselves to listen as He guides us in understanding what is right. Maybe you don't believe in God or a Creator or a Universal Power, but the truth is, we were created, we are here, and we need to figure out how to unite and create a peaceful planet before things get worse.

Recently, I have been guided to speak about unity. It's a volatile subject and I'm no expert, but I don't need to be. I'm not here for that, I'm here to get a message out and inspire others to look inside themselves and see what they can do. And, if someone desires to learn more or explore their own path, I am here to help and guide them. I'm going to share what I've been encouraged to by Creator and my guides. Please know, this comes from a place of love and my belief that I'm meant to share this to help unite the world.

We are all of one God, one Creator. Every amazing person on this beautiful planet is related by one ancient ancestor. We are all cousins thousands of times removed. Family. Do we disagree with family? Do we fight with them? Do they make us crazy at times? Yes to all. But do we work to resolve the issues and bring harmony back to our relationships? We do. And I understand that there is family we just cannot be around. There is nothing wrong with that. We don't have to give of ourselves to those who will abuse us in any way. We don't have to engage in negative behaviors with them. Unity isn't about allowing everyone to walk all over us, it's about putting harmony back into our world. Divisiveness stems from fear and if we are working together, we have nothing to fear.

People became isolated well before the quarantine began. We are isolated in our individual families, our little lives. The importance of community, helping, and caring for each other has been lost. We need others, we need community, we need our extended family. Are we different? Yes and no. Our physical features, personalities, abilities, etc., are different and that's what makes us unique. Those differences should be fostered and developed. They're what brings value to each individual and what they contribute to the community. But we are also all human with human needs. We all need love, to be cared for, accepted. We need nourishment, shelter, help, etc. When you remove all the surface differences, we are all the same. And those basic human needs unite us. We need each other to survive.

What do we do now?

We first must create unity within our own self. Did you know that we each carry with us all the experiences, all the good, bad, and ugly that has happened not only to us but our ancestor's? That means, without knowing it, we are also carrying hates and prejudices our ancestor's created due to the trauma or hardships they were facing at the time. Have you ever felt strongly against someone or a group of people and don't know why? That is the reason. It's stored in our DNA and at one point in time, it was part of our survival but we don't need that anymore, we can let it go.

The good news is it can be resolved. If one is willing, we can work toward finding the cause and releasing the hurt and pain, the hate and prejudices, that have accumulated over our lifetime, our ancestor's lifetimes. We must learn and understand where it came from, why it happened, what the lesson is, and then release and heal it. This creates unity and alignment within. As we heal, we find peace. When we have inner peace, we are a beacon of light for others that are struggling. In our healing, we can better understand others. We can look upon others with love and compassion. We can give them the benefit of our experience and encourage them to heal also. We can't make others change who are unwilling but when you share your own hardships, it gives another hope that they would be able to overcome and heal also. By having compassion for their pain, having healed perceived differences, and extending a helping hand, we create unity, harmony and peace in our little corner of the world. Eventually, it will begin to spread, like a blanket of love and support, we will unite with our entire human family and heal our beautiful world.

What will you do to create unity?

If you want to resolve the bad and the ugly and begin your own journey of unity, please reach out for guidance and support.

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