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Happy (not scary) Halloween!

I absolutely love Halloween. I adore cute little ghosts, witches and the lot. I love decorating my home, carving pumpkins and making spooky treats for my guests. I do not like dressing up or wearing masks. I absolutely DO NOT like scary, gory movies, haunted houses, or anything meant to terrorize and scare you half to death. People don't understand that I can love Halloween and hate being frightened.

Halloween is thought to have originated from Samhain (pronounced sow-ween), an annual Gaelic festival celebrating the end of the harvest season. In time, some of it blended with Christianity and was also called All Hallows Eve. Over the centuries, the initial practices of leaving offerings to and dressing as spirits to trick them into believing you are one of them, has evolved into the Halloween we have today filled with costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies and images, and of course, haunted houses. Every year there are new and more terrifying ways for fright-lovers to get that rush of adrenaline that ends in group laughter. I don't understand wanting to be deliberately scared to the point of tears.

A truly frightening reality are the evil people in this world that have twisted the ancient and sometimes sacred ceremonies for their own perverse pleasure. They use Halloween as their 'most sacred holiday' to torment, torture and abuse children. These children are attacked and ritually abused by terrifying monsters that sometimes wear hoods, masks, robes, etc. They have survived an intense fear that penetrates to the very core of their being. Halloween becomes a day of fear to be dreaded because of the memories, emotions and/or flashbacks that may be triggered.

I feel there is enough fear in life, and we don't need to add it to the holidays If getting scared is your thing, great, but when someone expresses their desire to not participate in the scary "fun", just accept it. They may be dealing with a horror you couldn't conjure up in your scariest dreams If you are afraid of Halloween, what it may represent to you, or any other scary thing that life can toss our way, please reach out and allow me to support and guide you in overcoming your fears. Then someday, you may be able to have your own, not-scary, Happy Halloween.

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