The Power to Heal is Within You


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  • Are you struggling through life knowing something needs to change?

  • Do you want to heal from past hurt or trauma? Illness or injury?

  • Have you wondered where Negative thoughts or beliefs originated, and would you like to release them? 

  • Overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, chronic pain?

With a combination of energy and healing modalities, physical and emotional pain, negative beliefs and emotions, anything causing discomfort or unhappiness in your life can easily be released and healed. 

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Quantum Healing

Hypnosis Technique


  • Experience a Past Life Regression.

  • Receive answers to questions you have about your life and a better understanding of yourself.

  • Understand why disease has presented itself, heal and transform your life.

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What People Say

Lauraine V. ~ Colorado

I've suffered with sciatica for 3 years. After several doctors and physical therapy, I decided to do a virtual healing session with Denise. The relief was immediate and by the end of the week, I was 95% better. I now have very little to no pain. I am so happy for the healing that ended 3 years of suffering.

Tammy C. ~ Cooper City

Denise has helped me pre and post operation to manage the pain as my knee recovers. She is amazing, I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend her.

My chihuahua, Lemon, has been scared of every loud noise, especially storms and strangers. We have tried Canna Chews, Xanax, and a vest. Nothing has worked until Denise did a healing on her. Storm ETA hit us but it never fazed Lemon. She had no shakes, anxiety, or the need to be held for the duration of the storm. She no longer barks at the children's new friends or experiences anxiety. I truly believe Denise has helped Lemon face her fears and has given her calmness.

Mauren M. ~ Cooper City